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A Springy Look

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

I am very fed up with Winter. Let's be straight forward. I cannot stand the cold anymore, and even if the sun has finally come out in Amsterdam - hurray! - I still have to wear layers and layers of clothes if I want to survive. I a dreaming of a nice and sunny Spring, where I could wear my favorite combination: a chunky sweater, and a pink blush scarf. How precise and how weird, I know! But few weeks ago, I decided to go shopping in the sale section of H&M - what??? - which is something I never tend to do. Too much mess and horrible pieces. But you know, when you need a break from the library, even the business of H&M during sale season is a nice getaway. And there I stumbled upon the most beautiful pastel tones scarf. It is warm, it is soft as hell, the colors are amazing - completely in love with the pink blush side - but the shape is a misery. A square. I mean, obviously it is stylish, but well, you cannot knot it around your neck. Not so wintery. Yet I bought it, too in love with the colors to leave it behind. After that, while browsing through the new collection - the colors of the sweaters in sale kind of scared me - I stumbled upon the most gorgeous chunky turtle neck sweater. So soft and so warm, just enough oversized, in the most beautiful of grey. The combination of both those items completely got me, and now it is a look I am wearing a bit too much... But under my bloody coats that I cannot stand anymore. Please Spring, come soon, I want to rock my Springy look, to show it to everyone, to go out in the street with a pair of blue jeans, my white Converse, and only my beautiful sweater toped on with my lovely scarf..! Spring, you are needed!



Weekend Inspiration IV

Saturday, 17 February 2018



Valentine's Day

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

I guess I was never good enough for love
I always was afraid
Afraid of the first words
Afraid of the first smile
Afraid of the first kiss

I guess I was never brave enough for love
How weird, meeting a stranger
Talking to a stranger
And then one day
Letting the stranger kiss you
Letting him in your life

I guess I was always too stupid for love
Not understanding how to love one
Not understanding how to be a loved one
Not getting why, me, why, now, 
I was living that

I guess I was never conscious enough for love
I did not want to change
I was myself, 
I was going to be the same for ever
I didn't get that once you're loved you change
That once you love, you molt

I guess I was never ready for love
Took by surprise by a stranger at a bus stop
Took by surprise when he kissed me on this bench
Took by surprise when he told me he loved me, for the first time

I guess I never believed in love
Valentine's day was just a stupid holiday
Love was just a myth

But the stranger changed my mind

I am still not good enough, I am still not brave enough
I am still too stupid, I am stil unconscious, 
I am still not ready

But it does not matter anymore
Now you are no more a stranger to me
You are my loved one
And I am yours

Happy Valentine's Day


Better Habits

Saturday, 10 February 2018

As I told you in my first post of the year, I am not the kind of girl who takes resolutions. And even less the kind of girl who keeps them. But everyday, I try to do a bit more. To fix myself goals. I did not really want to write this article at first, because I thought that all of my new good habits will soon disappear, but as the days went by, I saw that for once I was keeping up with them. It can be very simple and silly habits, but if I had to set myself a goal for 2018, I would certainly say that I want to feel better. Both physically and mentally. So I do baby steps. Little by little. I try to drink more water, to have a clearer skin, a healthier body, to appreciate myself a bit more. I try to eat better food, but at this, I am failing for now. Digestives biscuits are still part of my diet apparently. Yet I try to work out. Biking everyday for at least 30 minutes, and this ridiculous 7 minutes work out app, a new daily habit I will try to stick to. I also wake up earlier in the morning, and then have to go sooner to bed at night. A beauty and healthy sleep. 

But the body is far from being my number one priority. My mind is always on my mind. My anxieties are no history yet, they are still part of the present, of the every day. So I continue keeping my diary. I write all of my frustrations, all of my stresses, my anxious thoughts, and life goes on, without all of this negativity on my mind. I also try to do more things. To be more active in my everyday life, to see more people, to be a little bit more adventurous, social, but also to enjoy the moments I spend by myself, without seeing them as bad things. This does lead me to my new better habit. More self love. More self care. Trying to put myself first. Trying to understand that I count, and that sometimes, I can come first. Trying to accept more of who I am. Also trying to accept my bad habits. The ones I have trouble getting ride off. Just trying to get used to better ones.



A Day in... Haarlem

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Last December, my boyfriend and I decided to take a day trip to Haarlem. We went because of the annual Christmas market that I, as a very Christmassy person, really wanted to go to. We were not disappointed. But the market was far from being the only nice thing about Haarlem. It is very true when they say that it is a "little Amsterdam". Smaller, but then cutter, and far less busy. This little town has a lot of charm, and every street reserves a very nice sight, something picturesque on every corner. We did not spend lot of time there, yet we will for sure go back soon. Unfortunately since we went to visit the market, we also did not have time to visit a lot of places. The main thing we did was walking around the cute streets of Haarlem, enjoying its typical Dutch architecture and charm. 
Nonetheless, I do have some recommendation. First of all, shopping wise. We did visit some shops, when we were getting way too cold and needed some warmth in between the Christmas stands. Around Grote Houtstraat, there were many little shops, selling diverse items, from clothing to home decoration and jewelry. Those independent stores are definitely worse a visit, here you could find many more treasures than you would have expected. Number Nine, on Kruitstraat, is also a good place if you are looking for good quality and trending fashion. Finally, Olivia & Kate does gather many bits and bobs, that trends hunter will fall in love with. 
When it comes to food, I would recommend Magador, on Gasthuisstraat, for lunch; and an amazing place if you want to eat a really good pizza for dinner would certainly be Nolita. 
But whatever you do in Haarlem, it is for sure a good place to create amazing souvenirs.